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Commitment to Safety

The management of Master Corporation is committed to providing a safe and healthful work environment for all our employees and others that may work, visit or enter our facilities. It is our policy to manage and conduct operations and business in a manner that offers maximum protection to each and every employee and any other person that may be affected by our operations and business. The management of this company is committed to allocating and providing all the resources needed to promote and effectively implement the Accident Prevention Plan. Company management and designated supervisors will set an example of commitment to the safety and health of this company.


Master Corporation accepts the responsibility for providing resources and guidance for the development and implementation of the safety and health program. The Safety Director is responsible and will be held accountable for the overall implementation of the working plan. Managers and supervisors are responsible and will be held accountable to ensure that all employees under their control follow all safety and health policies, procedures and rules established by the company. Employees are also responsible and will be held accountable for providing this company with a commitment to a safe and healthful workplace for all involved. Contractors that provide or perform services for this company, at any location, are responsible to ensure that all their employees abide by our safety and health rules.

Safety and Health Training Education

Master Corporation is committed to providing safety and health related orientation and training to all employees at all levels of the company. The Safety Director will develop, implement and maintain an aggressive orientation and training program. The program's purpose is to educate and familiarize employees with safety and health procedures, rules and work practices of job site facilities. Furthermore, the executive level will support the orientation and training program with allocations in funding, staff and time to develop and implement this program.

Orientation of Employees

The orientation training will be administered to all new employees prior to the initial work assignment and to employees assigned to new or different tasks or jobs. The orientation will consist of all required training programs as well as job and site specific safety and health information. Managers and supervisors have the authority to assess training effectiveness and are responsible for enforcing implementation of criteria requirements of all training.

Safety Audits and Inspections

This company has arranged for each operating location to receive a comprehensive safety and health audit by the Safety Director on a regular basis. These audits will identify existing and potential hazards and non-compliance issues that should be addressed. The findings of the inspections will be discussed and recommendation for corrective actions suggested.