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Don't Let Separate Engineering, Procurement and Construction Services Delay Your Capital Projects

With the continued downsizing of major corporations, fewer companies can afford to engineer, procure and then construct new projects in-house. Negotiated engineering services and competitive bidding construction projects is time consuming, and can lead to project startup delays, extended completion dates and postponement of revenue generation.

The need for companies to outsource all or part of such projects prompted the startup of Master Corporation back in 1998. Master Corporation can provide turnkey solutions from project conceptualization through design, engineering, procurement, construction and startup. The Master Corporation staff has designed and completed many types of projects including treating, metering and production facilities, compressor and pump stations as well as refinery and petrochemical unit modifications and additions. Master Corporation also provides all types of design and drafting services, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and software.

The advantages of outsourcing turnkey (engineering, procurement and construction) projects to a single company are:

  • Responsibility is clear. Finger pointing between engineering and construction firms is eliminated. With all services provided by one company, there is a smooth flow from design through procurement to construction

  • Cost savings are realized. Obtaining separate proposals for engineering and construction services greatly increases the owner-provided man-hours spent preparing bid packages and evaluating proposals. Other costs associated with the bid process, such as multiple document preparation and site investigations may also be eliminated.

  • A turnkey project can save a great deal of time. Drawings to support the construction effort can be developed as required. For example, as foundation plans are completed, that phase of construction can begin. Pping and electrical drawings can be developed as the foundation work progresses instead of waiting for the entire design to be completed before commencing work. Planning your work in this fashion can accelerate the completion of a project by weeks or months.

The sooner the project is finished, the sooner our clients can realize increased revenues.